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Day tour's

Day tour's


Hi folks

I am a passionated cycliste and mountainbiker. Mainly I bike in the swiss alps and pre-alps. 

You will find cool videos either on MTB or road bike.

Please see my playlist and See all my rides on the map.

🔺: uphill; 🔻: downhill

Stefan t.

My equpiment;

  • Camera: All videos are in FHD and stabalized (Gopro Hero 9)
  • Mechanical lateral stabilization from 1.1.2021 onwards
  • GPS: Sigma ROX 11.0 and 12.0
  • MTB: Amber SL Stöckli, Fully 150mm
  • Roadnike: Lapierre Pulsium 500
  • Light for nighttrails: Lupine SL AF and Piko
  • Engine: powered by bio-engine 1967


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 6 videos
 124 km

Here you will find some of my day cycling tours. I splitted them into several part, so you have the option to cycle them step by step or just in one stretch. Example of notation - day tour vol. 1 (part 1/4): fribourg -> bulle To obtain a better geographical awareness. of all my day tours, please refere to the kinomap map function. Enjoy riding and keep smiling on uphills...