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10 Minute Row with a speed bump

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 Rowing Machine



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Not everyone wants to be the next gold medal winning rowing olympian. Some just want to get fit. 

And it must be said, a lot of the videos I make are based on performance improvements, tweaking technique to get that last tenth of a second out of your 100m row or getting a PB in a 2000m row. 

But I know that there are millions of gym users out there that just want to row, and need a little bit of inspiration for how to mix things up, and maybe a tiny tweak or two to make sure they ARE in fact using most of their muscles to row. 

In this row, I take you through a simple 10 minute workout. You row two minutes at a steady intensity. Enough to get your heart rate up, and breathing rate up - and then 30 seconds faster and with more power. 

Repeat that 4 times. And  you're finished! 

Hopefully, the time will fly by. And by varying the way your body has to work, it'll help get you out of a training rut when it comes to the rowing machine.