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RowAlong 5K Plan - Week 1 Session 1 - 6 x 4mins at 28spm

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MID Tier "Hard" Workout

For full information about the 5K RowAlong Plan. go to:

🚣 Week 1 Session 1 is 6 x 4 mins at 28spm with 2 min rests. 🚣‍♀️

Pace Guide = 2K+6-8 (5K+1-3)
Effort Guide = 7-8 (will end closer to 9.5-10/10)
Speech = Not constant

❗  This is a solid MID workout. If you're unsure of the pace range, start at the bottom end and try to go faster. ❗

The point of this workout is that it WON'T feel easy. But at the same time, it's not a TOP workout that will destroy you and leave you unable to continue at the end.

As each interval progresses, you'll get to a point where you'll expose yourself to 'hardship'. But then you'll have a rest for 2 minutes, which lets you recover - and the next interval will get to that point a little quicker. As I say in the video, it allows you to taste the hardship of what it feels like during a 5K, when muscles and lungs are working really hard - and your mind starts to ask you questions about whether you can continue at that pace. But importantly, you won't need to stop. You can keep going until the next rest period.

🚥If you want to programme your monitor as a 6x4 minute interval workout - remember to set the rest to UNDEFINED. This way, we'll both start and stop at the same time. There is a video on how to do this here:  🚥

As always, follow me for stroke rate. And I'll keep you company for the row with training tips, technique tips, and my usual general waffle.

Remember, for more information about what I'm doing here, info about drag factor, and about the training plan, head to

For more about indoor rowing in general, go to

See you in the next video.