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12 Rows of Christmas - 4 Power Strokes

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 Rowing Machine



United Kingdom - English


Row for 30 minutes - every 3 minutes, take 4 POWERFUL rowing strokes.
🚣A BOTTOM INTENSITY WORKOUT on the Intensity Pyramid🚣‍♀️

➔Pace Guide: Main pace = 20 strokes per minute / 2K+18 pace   
➔Effort = 5-6/10 (more for the power strokes)
➔Speech = Comfortable

❗ A very simple low intensity row - but borken up every three minutes with these power strokes. How hard you want to push this, is entirely up to you. After Day 3's Tabata row, I was certainly feeling it in my legs, and was really only pushing the pace of the row by about 5 seconds when doing the power strokes. ❗