PDP - 4mins x 8 at 24spm (1:30 rests) 2K+12 | Kinomap
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PDP - 4mins x 8 at 24spm (1:30 rests) 2K+12

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After a 4 minute warmup: Row 4mins at 24spm Rest 1:30 Do this 8 times.

Pace - 2K +12 Or Effort Guide - 7-8/10

As ever, stick with me for stroke rate, I think I drift in one of the intervals, but I catch up again. don't worry!

Between that, and the wandering micriphone, this certainly provees that I'm not doing this as a professional level thing - it' just here to distract and hopefully entertain you while you go through a tough training session.

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