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12 Rows of Christmas - 5 x 10 Minute Intervals

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 Rowing Machine



United Kingdom - English


Row 5 x 10 minute intervals with 90 second rests between in this RowAlong workout. 
🚣A MID INTENSITY WORKOUT on the Intensity Pyramid🚣‍♀️

Row intervals at 18/22/18/22/18 stroke per minute   
➔Pace Guide: 18spm at 2K+20 and 22spm at 2K+15 (see below for 2K pace info)  
➔Effort = 5/10 and 6/10 - overall probably 7/10 due to duration.
➔Speech = Comfortable

❗ Both of the pace guides are in the Low Intensity region for rowing training - but because you'll be rowing for a total of 50 minutes (+ warmup and cooldown) the duration on the erg means this will slide into a Medium Intensity workout. Your fitness levels on the rowing machine will be HOW intense it'll be. If you're really fit, it'll be the top of a bottom, or the bottom of a Mid. If you're not used to rowing this long, it'll probably be a good solid MID intensity row.❗