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PDP - Bread and Butter 30min at 20spm

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 Rowing Machine



United Kingdom - English


IMPORTANT: Set your drag factor (usually a lever on the machine which affects how heavy the row feels) before you start. Leave it there for the duration of the row. The "% Resistance" provided in the rowing guide refers to how much effort you put into the row - not the resistance of the rowing machine


After a 4 minute warm up (and some light stretching while I describe the session) row 30 minutes at a steady 20 strokes per minute.

The effort level should be around 6/10 (where 10 is maximum). You should be able to complete this comfortably yet still have a good sweat and be quite out of breath.

If you're used to rowing with a 2K reference, then aim for 2K+18. Just row along with with me - I'm keeping it locked in at 20spm - so as long as you row when I do, you'll be ok.

I guide you through the row, pointing out tips on technique and how to maintain pace. And just so you don't get too bored, there's a music bed underneath (music made by me on Ableton - so all rights are owned by me).