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RowAlong 2K Plan -Week 1 Session 4 - 8 x 2mins at 32spm

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TOP Tier Workout For full information about the RowAlong Plan. go to:
The battery died on my camera half way. But as I had all the sound, I looped the video. It looks like a badly dubbed movie, but it's more important for now that this session is available. So I'll throw professionalism out the window and re-make this at the end of the 4 week plan.

After a 10 minute race warm up
Row 8 x 2mins at 2K rate and pace Rest 3:30 between each.

So. 2K pace means 2K pace. Don't go faster - until you know you can. But certainly, don't go slower. With 3:30 rest - this should be tough as hell, but manageable.
Effort out of 10 is 10. It might feel like is starts at 9 - but it'll get to 10 quickly!
Don't try speaking. Just make noises.

The 3:30 rests are meant to give you recovery enough to go hard each time. You'll notice another of my sessions at this pace and rate at 2 minute rests. The difference is that this one is designed to work within the plan. The 2 minute rest one is just there to destroy you!! I do this at 32spm. But you should do this is whatever your 2K rate is.

Go to for the full plan info. Go to for more about indoor rowing.