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RowAlong 2K Plan - Week 4 Session 2 - 7/5/3/1mins with 2min rests at increasing pace

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 Rowing Machine



United Kingdom - English


MID Tier Tempo Intense rowing machine Workout 
🚣 After a 4 minute warmup, row 7/5/3/1 minutes with 2 minute rests. 🚣‍♀️

Stroke rate goes up between each interval - 24/26/28/30

Pace Guide = 2K+12/9/5/2 (But I'd prefer max effort on the last one)
Effort Guide = start 6-7/10 - will end closer to 9.5-10/10
Speech = Not constant

❗  This is a solid MID workout. If you don't stick to the pace guide, you'll slip into TOP tier for it. Another one where I don't even throw in a suprise sprint at the end, as I want this to remain in the MID tier. ❗

The point of this workout is that it WON'T feel easy. But at the same time, it's not a TOP workout that will destroy you and leave you unable to continue at the end. That last interval is the only time you should really feel pushed.

🚥If you want to programme your monitor as an interval workout with rests - remember to set the rest to UNDEFINED. This way, we'll both start and stop at the same time. There is a video on how to do this here:  ðŸš¥


As always, follow me for stroke rate. And I'll keep you company for the row with training tips, technique tips, and my usual general waffle.