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Beginner Build Me Up - 7 minute workout - Low Intensity with power strokes

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 Rowing Machine



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Are you new to rowing, or coming back from injury? This 7 minute row will help build up your strength as part of my Build Me Up series.

🚣2 Minute warmup / 7 minute Row / 2:20 cool down. 🚣‍♀️

➔Pace Guide = Just enough to be out of breath, but not exhausted 
Add in one "power stroke" every 30 seconds

➔Effort = 6-8/10
➔Speech = Comfortable

❗  This Build Me Up series of indoor rowing workouts is all about increasing the amount of time  you can manage to row for. So make sure to put in enough effort that you know you're getting a workout - but not so much that you're left gasping for air, lying on the floor, and too sore to come back the next day ❗

In this 7 minute workout, you row at the same intensity as you did during the first 5 minute workout - but every 30 seconds, you give a huge PUSH with the legs, to get the power up for one stroke. Then back to normal...