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RowAlong 2K Plan - Week 1 Session 2 - 5 x 6 mins

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MID TIER WORKOUT For full information about the RowAlong Plan. go to: 

After a 4 minute warmup: Row 5 x 6minute intervals with 5 minute rests between.
2K Training pace = 2K+5
Effort level = 8/10
Speech will be tough.

The point of this session is to your pace and keep it there. The 5 minute rest may seem luxurious after the first interval, but trust me - you'll need every second of it. The rest is there to let you cover as much as possible before going for the same pace in the next interval. And it WILL get progresssively harder - as long as you don't slow down. At times, you'll question whether this is closer to a TOP tier workout - but the rest periods between keep it just in the MID range - a hard workout that may leave you on the floor afterwards, but will not destroy you for long.

Be sure to read the supporting info on my website if you haven't already: And if you want to know more about indoor rowing in general, go to where you can also sign up for the FMMC monthly challenge if you like something extra.