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PDP - 30 mins at 18spm with Power Strokes

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United Kingdom - English


After a 4 minute warmuo: Row 30minutes at 18spm with a ladder of Power Strokes on each minute marker.

When you pass the minute marker - the number of PowerStrokes increase then decrease like this:

29 / 28 / 27 / 26 / 25 / 24 / 23 / 22 / 21

1      2     3     4     5     4     3     2     1

There is no power stroke on 20 or 10 - and you you'll do this ladder three times in total as you countdown from 30 to 0 minutes.

Pace for the normal part of this is 2K+20 Pace for the power strokes is just as hard as you can push. If you work on an effort level figure - then you're 5-6/10 and 10/10 As always, just follow me for stroke rate.

The thought behind this session is that it helps spice things up a bit for the 18spm, while giving you a bit of a strength jolt and a bit of exposure to working harder when tired. And, like the 30minute 20spm session that's also on here which has single power strokes - but adding these in on the minute marker, the time flies by. You'll get to the end and it won't feel like you've been rowing for 30 minutes.

Towards the end of the cool-down, I mentioned an artist, and that I'd put a link in the notes. Here it is: https://nicholwheatley.com/ Stay safe, and keep on keeping on.