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RowAlong 2K Plan - Week 3 Session 4 - 12/8/10 mins at 28spm

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TOP Tier power and speed workout

šŸš£ Week 3 Session 4 is 12min 10mins 8mins with 5 min rests. šŸš£‍ā™€ļø

Pace Guide = 2K+7-8 (so 7 or 8 seconds slower than your current 2000m average time)

Effort Guide = 8/10 ending at 10/10

Speech = Tough!

ā— This is the most top tier session yet. Holding 2K+7 (or 8) fro 12 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 8 minutes isn't going to be easy. This is only 1 or 2 seconds slower than your 5K pace - and you'll be going for a good 10 minutes (or more) longer than a 5K. ā—

So 'TOP' in fact, that when I told my coach about this session, he said I'd got it wrong and programmed it too fast. The session that this has been inspired by on the Pete Plan is the 3Km 2.5Km then 2Km distances - with the same amount of rest. And though loath to give proper pace guidance, when pushed, he does suggest around 5K+1 pace. So I actaully needed to do this at 2K+9 - in order to give myself a 2 second buffer to allow me to talk through the video. But you're not talking back (I hope??) so you don't need that buffer.

As each interval progresses, you'll get to a point where you'll expose yourself to 2K 'hardship'. But then you'll have a rest for 5 minutes, which lets you recover - and the next interval will get to that point a little quicker. It allows you to taste the hardship of what it feels like during a 2K, when muscles and lungs are working really hard - and your mind starts to ask you questions about whether you can continue at that pace. But importantly, you won't need to stop. You can keep going until the next rest period.