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12 Rows of Christmas - 1 Spicy Start

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 Rowing Machine



United Kingdom - English


Row 5 x 8 minutes with 2:30 rests. Broken into a 5 minute section and a 3 minute chunk. 
🚣A MID INTENSITY WORKOUT on the Intensity Pyramid🚣‍♀️

➔Pace Guide
Row 5 mins at 20 strokes per minute and 2K+18 pace  
Row 3 mins at 24 strokes per minute and 2K+5 pace  
(See below for 2K Pace info) 

➔Effort = Starts at 6/10 - then 8-9/10
➔Speech = Comfortable - then tough

❗ Burn some calories over the Holiday Season by rowing along with me in this 12 Rows of Christmas series. You don't have to do 12 days in a row - just fit them in when you can. ❗

The first 5 minutes is a good start for you to settle into the rhythm and get your technique locked in - then 3 minutes you push a LOT harder with the legs to get the rate and pace up. The intensity of that 3 minutes will get tougher for each interval. In the final interval, if you want to REALLY push and row as hard as you can (keep to the 24 stroke rate though) - then please do! 

🚥You can use Ergzone to program your Concept 2 PM5 monitor, look for 12 Rows - Day 1 under the RowAlong track which has the main session pre-programmed. I've not programmed in the Warmup and Cooldown however, so you'll need to add them in yourself (I have some on the track, with the label "Bookmark These" so you can just bookmark them for future use)  🚥

00:00 Introduction
03:16 4 minute Warmup
08:37 Main Session
1:00:43 Cooldown and time to stretch while I sign off.