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30 minutes - 4 different pacing suggestions

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 Rowing Machine



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From beginner to speedy junky, this 30 minute row will suit anyone who wants to get a great indoor rowing workout
🚣 Row 30 minutes at 20spm - and pick your intensity preference 🚣‍♀️ 

(KinoMap controlled rowers are set to 70% resistance. Switch off auto if you want to row at a different intensity)

➔Beginners - 5/10 effort for 9 minutes. Rest / light rowing for 1 minute. 
➔Bottom tier intensity - 2k+18
➔Mid tier intensity - 2k+ 15
➔Max intensity - Go as far as you can

❗  One row, four different ways to row it. You'll probably find that the intensity level of the Beginner  and  Bottom Tier rows is pretty much the same - but the Mid and Top Tier workouts will need a lot more effort to get through, and will really leave you feeling like you've been working hard. ❗