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RowAlong 2K Plan - Week 2 Session 3 - 3 x 12mins at 24spm

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 Rowing Machine



United Kingdom - English


BOTTOM Tier Workout

After a four minute warmup, row 3 x 12mins at 24spm wth 2 min rests.

Pace Guide = 2K+18
Effort Guide = 5-6 (it may dip into 7 - but shouldn't go further)
Speech = Should be ok.

❗  This is one of those 'higher rates than I'd normally do' workouts. But his makes it feel very light, and it the perfect recovery row after S2 and setup row for S4. ❗

Which means that this workout shoud feel easy. If you start to go too far towards a 'mid' feeling workout - back off the pace. This is a recovery row to help build your cardio and get you used to rowing at 24spm - it's not meant to test you at all. 

To the point you may wonder whether this is doing you any good. Trust me. If you're doign a 5 or 6 day version of this training plan, this workout half way through is VITAL. Even if you're not doing the plan - if you're just not feeling like you want to go hard that day - this is a perfect row for you.

🚥If you want to programme your monitor as a 4 x 8 minute interval workout - remember to set the rest to UNDEFINED. This way, we'll both start and stop at the same time. There is a video on how to do this here:  ðŸš¥​

As always, follow me for stroke rate. And I'll keep you company for the row with training tips, technique tips, and my usual general waffle.