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12 Rows of Christmas - 12 x 5 mins (60 minutes with no rests)

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 Rowing Machine



United Kingdom - English


Row for 60 minutes, changing stroke rate and pace every 5 minutes.
🚣A MID INTENSITY WORKOUT on the Intensity Pyramid🚣‍♀️

Although the pace and rate is mostly in the LOW intensity range, due to the duration of this row, the total workout lies in the MIDDLE of the pyramid.

Change stroke rate though 18/20/22/24/18/20/22/24/18/20/22/24

➔Pace Guide: 
18spm at 2K+20-24   
20spm 2 seconds faster than 18spm
22spm 2-3 seconds faster than 20spm
24spm 2-3 seconds faster than 22spm
➔Effort = 5-8/10 (It will drift up through the hour)
➔Speech = Should be ok. Maybe a little tough in the 24's

❗ You'll see from the pace guide that there's a large starting range. Depending on how your energy levels are sitting, that's where you start. Tired? Start at +24 - Lots of energy? Start at 2K+20.  Each time you go back to 18spm, assess how you feel and adjust that starting pace if neccessary. ❗

At the end of the row, while I say goodbye, I've put up the basic stretches that I do when I've finished rowing.