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DAY SIX : 7 Days to a Stronger You Treadmill Workouts

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Welcome to Day Six!!

Let's Do This! I'm so happy to share Day Six of the Program/Challenge with you: 7 Days to a Stronger You/7 Days to a Faster Mile.

It's a program that will deliver various results. After the 7 days you'll feel stronger, you may experience increased endurance and more of a willingness to want to continue along with your wellness journey. If you're experiencing lack of motivation and have access to a treadmill this may be for you!

Today's workout consists of:

5 Minute Warm-Up Jog - Run - Sprint (7 times) at Incline 1 - (21 minutes of work)


Day Six Resistance Work:

45 Push-ups (regular or modified)

60 second second Plank (you can do two sets of 30 seconds or 4 sets of 15 seconds)

60 sec wall sit

 50 sumo squats (with or without weights)

Today is the final day of videos!

On Day 7 you'll run a mile and compare your time to your Assessment mile. Once you have the mile time to compare please run at least 1-2 more miles at an easy conversational pace.


Remember, everyone is at a different fitness level. You can also speed walk through this workout. If there is anything that I do during these workouts that you're not comfortable with please do not attempt it if you don't feel safe. The goal is to remain injury free! Also remember to always stretch, dynamic in the beginning and static at the end of a workout. 

Please be safe and use proper judgment when performing all exercises. Start off at a slower pace. If I'm running and you need to stop to walk or decrease your speed...please do what is necessary. If you feel like you didn't do as well as you want....please just keep being consistent with your weekly fitness efforts, keep coming back. You will continue to see progress with consistency.  Also remember that you do not need to do all 7 days back to back. You can do them individually if that works best for you!

Let's Sweat and Have Fun!!