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🚴 Altmühltal Radweg

🚴 Altmühltal Radweg
Stephan 1975

Stephan 1975

I live northeast of Munich in Ismaning in the district of Munich. Here cross the bike paths Isarradweg, Sempt-Isen Radweg and the Munich Radel Ring. In my spare time I cycle or hike in Bavaria and Austria. 

Since November 2020, I record my ventures with a Gopro 8 Black or 10 Black. Previously recorded videos with poor stabilization I have deleted. These tours are gradually recorded again and eröffentlicht. 

I hope you enjoy getting to know the Bavarian and Austrian landscapes. 

Bike: KTM - Double Disc ; Cube - Kathmandu SL
Camera: Since November 2020 GoPro 8 Black with 2.0 Hypersmooth stabilisation. Since Septebmer 2021 GoPro 10 Black with 4.0 Hypersmooth stabilisation
Tours are partly re-recorded.



📹 = GoPro 8 Black/GoPro 10 Black Video

🚂 = former railroad line

🌷= Spring - Frühling: 1. März – 31. Mai.

☀️=Sommer - Sommer: 1. Juni – 31. August.

🍁= Autumn - Herbst: 1. September – 30. November.

❄️= Winter -Winter: 1. Dezember – 28./ 29. Februar.

🏃 = Run
🚶 = Walk 
🚴 = Cycling

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The Altmühltal is known far beyond the borders of Bavaria for its scenic beauty. In 1969, the area was officially declared a nature park. The Altmühl River in particular contributes to the fact that the Altmühl Valley is considered by many to be the most desirable nature park in Germany. The Altmühl is a river about 50 meters wide that runs southeast between the Main River and the Danube. It runs for about 225 km from the Altmühlsee near Gunzenhausen through the towns of Pappenheim, Treuchtlichen, Dollnstein and Eichstätt to Tögin, where it flows into the Main-Danube Canal. Only a few people know that since the formation phase of this river goes back to the Jurassic period, it is about 150 million years old. As numerous fossil finds prove today, the Altmühl valley was then the shore zone of a primeval sea. In the course of the millennia, Neanderthals as well as a wide variety of prehistoric animals have settled in the area around the Altmühl. Source: Velociped Since the Altmühl is the river with the lowest gradient in Bavaria, it is also considered the slowest. The Celts, who settled around the area of the river in ancient times, christened it with the name "Alkumana", which translated into German means "silent, sacred river". The slow flow of the Altmühl makes it an ideal option for boating and canoeing. The wide valleys through which the Altmühl flows leisurely in loops and bends offer boaters a devi