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RowAlong - Intervals - 16 / 12 / 8 / 4 minutes (2 min rest)

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IMPORTANT - SET YOUR DRAG FACTOR FIRST - THEN LEAVE IT THERE. The resistance value is the effort you put into the row. Not the setting on the rowing machine.

This row decreases in time, but increases in effort. After a 4minute warmup, row:

  1. 16minutes at 18 strokes per minute - paced at 2K+20 (6/10 effort guide)
  2. 12minutes at 18spm and 2K+18 (7/10 effort guide)
  3. 8minutes at 22spm and 2K+15 (8/10 effort guide)
  4. 4minutes at 24spm and 2K+10 (9-10/10 effort guide)

Each interval has 2 minutes rest between As always, just keep in time with me and you'll hit the stroke rate. You need to be sensible about setting your initial pace for the 18spm as the increases of 2 / 3 / 5 seconds are all based on that. If you don't know your 2K pace guide - row 2000m as fast as you can. Then either look at the monitor, or calculate what the average time to cover 500m is for that row. So if you rowed 2000m in 8:00 - the average would be 2:00 for each 500m - even if you started out at 1:50 and ended up at 2:10 - the average is still 2:00 if it took you 8:00. If you are setting pace purely by perceived effort - you need to be honest with yourself. The first 18spm will feel easy-ish. If it's really easy, you're going to slow. If it's really tough - you're going too fast.

If you want to find out more about what I do here, go to www.RowAlong.com and/or search out RowAlong  Rowing on Facebook. I also have www.indoorrowinginfo.com which covers all things indoor rowing. Happy rowing, and stay strong!