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RowAlong - 30 mins at 20spm with power strokes + 1 min sprint

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IMPORTANT - Set your drag factor before you start, and leave it there for the duration of the row. The resistance number refers to how much effort YOU put into the machine - not the resistance setting of the machine

This is a bit of a twist on a normal 30mins at 20spm - as afterwards, there's a 1 minute rest, followed by 1 minute at 30 strokes per minute at full pressure.

BUT!! On top of that, at every minute marker during the 30 minutes, you do 1 stroke at full pressure.

Pace guide for the 30/20spm is 2K+18 Pace guide for the 1 minute at 30spm is just as fast as you can manage.

This means a 6/10 effort when you begin the 30 mins (likely to climb to 8 by the end as you need to maintain the same pace all the way through) and then 10/10 for the 1 minute at 30spm.

If you don't know your 2K pace time - row at 2000m time trial. Look at the monitor or work out the average time to cover 500m. So if you rowed it in 8:40 - your average 500m time is 2:10 - even if you were a little faster and slower throughout the row. Then the 2K+18 means 2:10+18 (2:28) for your pace for the entire duration of the 30 minute at 20spm.

As ever, I'm muttering away through this row, keeping you company - and more importantly, calling out the minute marker for the 1 big stroke. This really makes the time pass quickly. So if you've looked at a 30 minute row in the past as daunting, being so long - do this row - as it'll make it much more doable from a mental point of view. To know more about what I'm doing here, please visit RowAlong.com - and I've also got a website all about indoor rowing at www.indoorrowinginfo.com