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Cols in France (πŸ‡«πŸ‡·)

Cols in France (πŸ‡«πŸ‡·)


Living at the French-Swiss border near Geneva, I really like to ride in the mountains, mainly the French and Swiss Alps, the Jura, and the national parks Bauges, Bugey, Vosges, Vercors, Chartreuse, Chablais, Aravis, and much more (such as the Black Forest, Sardinia, Gran Canaria), see the map. I mainly upload videos of the most scenic roads: climbs, rolling hills, flat rides, famous mountain passes (cols), valleys, and spectacular downhills. Mountains are very nice in real life, but also great on hometrainers, because the rides are much less monotonous/boring, and often great for interval training. All videos are HD and those recorded after Nov 2019 are very well stabilised using the GoPro Hero7/9 Black. Depending in your internet speed, please download the video before for a better synchronization without possible freezing. As 1000's of other users, I hope you enjoy my videos!! 

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You find here Kinomap's largest collection of climbs to French cols (mountain passes), more than 170 in total! The videos are ordered by the duration (from short to long). Cols with a β›° sign have an altitude above 1000 m altitude. Also see my playlist 'Cols in Switzerland'. 😍 How many can you do in total? Try it out, starting with small cols and then riding bigger ones. 😍